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Forum tweaks

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I like everything about the forum, nice and more modern looking, so I want to thank everyone for a job well done 😻 👍


I just want to make a few suggestions here rather than asking for much in the discord, so it's all in one place.

- Is it possible to add a bbcode that either is a spoiler, or show text, also maybe a anchor href (click on highlighted word, and it jumps to that section in post) just to have it better organize if longer post?

- It doesn't appear possible to edit the first post in topics (for example this post), but replies are able to be changed. (looks like I am able to do this on here but ofLegends dose not have a button bellow in "Your CedarCraft")


Anyway these are just tiny tweaks I thought I'd ask about, but I know the admins are very busy with the holidays and our new map coming up, so don't stress over this. 😀

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Side note:

in the Gallery there was first a edit picture button(setting gear) but when I clicked it, and hit save, got up an error and it disappeared, never seen it again, plus ofLegends too don't have it anymore

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Gallery removed?

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second side note(sorry):

I see there is a 5 min cooldown on edit, but when writing a guide, or long posts. It is handy to edit the post whenever you need to.

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I guess I'll just post here instead of making a new tread about some other forum issues I've seen.

Recent topics: looks more like it updates and puts it on top each time someone post a reply to a topic, not how the old one used to work, It is fine with me if this is a feature, but I am not sure if it was intended to be like that or just a bug? at least ill just make you guys aware of it.


Report a player: looks like its not possible to report a player: screen shot below:

once clicked Add new report:



This happens:




not sure if this is just on my end or if its a website bug? but no text box pops up just a save button.

in advance thanks! keep up the good work!

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Thank you lebh, we will look into these suggestions / problems as soon as possible!

R.e. the recent topics block, good spot!

We can either do this as:

  • Ordered in time of first creation (old system)
  • Ordered in time of most recent reply 

Let me know what everyone would prefer!

In the meantime if you need to report a player, please message ME directly. Thanks!

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Hmm. Now that I think about it, maybe it is the easiest with the most recent reply bumping a thread to the top. I'm not sure what other people want, though.

One thing I noticed, the "about me" section you can edit on your profile doesn't appear to show for other players. I've been messing around with mine, but lebh says he can't see it. I don't know if other members have anything typed, but I can't see anyone else's.

This one:

Screenshot at 2018-12-07 20-25-09.png

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