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May's Build Comp: Atlantis

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Players voted for this month's theme to be Atlantis.  You are not required to build underwater for this event you are to create something that might have been a part of the mythical underwater kingdom of Atlantis.  At the end of the comp, I will "drown" the arena so that we may see what these builds look like both in the water and out of the water for judging purposes...hopefully, I will be able to record the builds on video.

Plots are already being given out just send me a mail in the game: /mail send zilithzan I would like a plot for the build comp, please

Once you send me a mail for a plot I will assign you a plot remind you to use the server-wide warp "buildcomp" and will include your plot number so that you can start building right away!  Because, we are already a week into the month this will run through the first week of June (this also works out for me so that I can decompress after teaching as work ends May 31st).

I am short on funds at the moment so for now, the following prize amounts will stand (unless players wish to donate for the comp, and if you do I would appreciate your dedication to the server's events deeply)!

1st Place: 800 ember 1000

2nd Place: 400 ember 600

3rd Place: 200 ember 400

Remember that all placing winners (1st through 3rd) will also receive a box full of items.  I've hand-selected prizes that I think the players will enjoy!

The competition will end on June 6th giving me 2 days to judge and reset before the next comp.

I did not have time to create an example build like I have done in the past since we are already a week into the month so instead I have found some inspirational images of other Minecraft Atlantis theme builds.  Keep in mind our plots are not enough space to include everything you see in the following inspiration pictures, so you may wish to focus on one aspect like a castle, a market, a farm, a home, etc.





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In addition to the Ember prizes above, 1st place gets VIP+ and runner up gets VIP for themselves or a friend for a month!

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And here are May's Winners:

1st Place for the originality of Atlantis Ruins: Trey707


2nd Place for the complete temple with mobs: huntersmith717

3rd Place for an ocean temple: dawnmarie93


Congrats everyone!  Looking forward to June's theme!


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