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Build Comp Input

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Alright, so this month's build comp was an utter fail!  So I heard from at least one member that the theme was the culprit for the lack of entries.  Obviously thinking outside the box was too progressive for the first comp and I didn't ease the community into it.  Therefore I need Cedarians to voice their ideas!  Build Comps are after all something our members requested so as the host I should probably pick a theme more in tune with your interests so please sound off with a theme suggestion in the comments.  I will compile a list (or several) and put it to a vote on which themes we should cover.

To get you started here are some ideas that have been popular and done several times in the past:

Dungeons, Haunted House (Halloween themed of course), Clocktower, Movies, Steampunk, Medieval builds, Sweets/desserts, etc.

Let's come up with something we haven't seen yet that is still broad enough to leave open for inspiration and several entries!  You know what to do now, type a reply with your suggested theme(s) and submit it!

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21 minutes ago, missatessatessy said:

Something nature based, like "Trees"?

We did a parks and gardens one a while ago

Which I won btw 😊

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Ooh what about something water based?

After all I don't believe there has been a build comp since we got the "aquatic update", so should do something that might incorporate the new features we got 😄

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