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  2. Zili

    Picnic with a Book

    Thanks, momma! For some reason, it doesn't always like the www. part typed in so if you have issues accessing it that's why. I have completed my first book log on Tesla's attic. I read over half of the book today while my students worked on self-paced STAAR reviews and seniors took a couple of online quizzes.
  3. Jet_Chi came about as My middle name is Chi and i really liked Jet Li movies. When i temp changed to HandSolo it was because my last name is Hand
  4. Yesterday
  5. Jet_Chi


    Hello Fellow Cedarians, I finished my vulpix build its by /t spawn farm and near spawn. I have uploaded to https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/vulpix-2937243/ If you can give it a diamond and feedback 🙂 I want to do some more builds like this 🙂 any suggestions? should i start a youtube series of builds? What software should i use to capture the builds? I was thinking about building Umbreon as i really liked these pokemon back in the day and pokemon are interesting to build. however black is a hard resource to get so may hold off until 1.14
  6. DrConch

    Emerald Caper?

    I think they just use it as currency among themselves. I mean, that makes sense
  7. Last week
  8. etsi_wahuhi

    Emerald Caper?

    😸 Not a joke about Kansas........ although...... hmmmm.......
  9. ofLegends

    Emerald Caper?

    That better not be another Kansas joke. I bet it is. Oh no.
  10. So, the public farm at /t spawn farm has recently experienced a pretty large griefing, with lava and water all over the place. Later, another person followed the other griefer's example and made a player trap with lava. One of these was a significant grief (screenshots here). As this is meant to be a farm for everyone in the community, I'm trying to avoid putting it in a region. However, I'm not okay with the mods having to constantly keep an eye on the area, so after today, I think something really needs to be done. After thinking a bit about the problem, I've come up with 3 possible solutions: "Whitelisted" region - putting the whole thing in a region with a no-entry flag, with everyone of LifeVIP rank set as owners so they can add whoever seems trustworthy. This is the most extreme solution, and would most likely confuse new players who wouldn't know that they need to ask to be added to a region. This would in turn lead to fewer new players using the public farm, defeating the point of me building it in the first place, and overall is not a good solution. "No-flow" region - similar to the first solution, only instead of a no-entry flag, lava and water flow would be turned off. The farm would still be getting griefed, however, rollbacks would actually work because water & lava would not be able to flow outward and break the crops. I'm told this was an issue earlier, and that the crops had to be replanted by hand due to lb rollback not rolling them back (the griefer had used water to break them, not their hand). Turning off lava and water flow would help, but ultimately the farm would still be very griefable. The only real pro is that it would not require adding people to a region. Towny farm plots - Here is the best and easiest solution. On the CC wiki, if you go to "farm plots," you can see that the following crops are added to the config by default: LONG_GRASS, DOUBLE_PLANT, YELLOW_FLOWER, RED_ROSE, PUMPKIN_STEM, MELON_STEM, BEETROOT_BLOCK, CARROT, POTATO, CROPS, MELON_BLOCK, PUMPKIN. This means that, if someone sets their towny plot as a farm plot, no one would be able to break anything other than the blocks on that list. This would effectively make griefing impossible, and the only thing we'd have to worry about would be people not replanting. As you can see, #3 is clearly the best solution, however the default list does not include all the crops at /t spawn farm. My suggestion (or request) is that the following crops be added to the list: sugar_cane beetroots nether_wart ^ I'm not 100% sure these are the correct names, but it should only be those 3 blocks which need to be added, and then griefing won't really be an issue anymore. This should save myself and the mods (especially etsi) from stressing so much about the farm, and makes things easier overall. Pls admins? 😳
  11. You could try wearing an elytra as you go through the portal? That way, you get just a little bit more time to react if something did go wrong.
  12. etsi_wahuhi

    Picnic with a Book

    Kewl! I have it bookmarked 🙂
  13. etsi_wahuhi

    Emerald Caper?

    Personally, I think they are hoarding it to build a new Emerald City and will do a remake of the Wizard of Oz.
  14. Thank you all, I did try to warp home but it just didn't give me enough time to do that. It was very frustrating as it wasn't my fault, I know there were a lot of people that was willing to help. I think the bedrock idea is great as I need to go the end but haven't had the guts to go through the portal again now I know i'll be alright when going through. Thank you for your help
  15. No logs no, and if I'd catch whoever actually dug out the platform sending players to their death I'd perm ban them without reprieve - I honestly have a feeling it's not just your average player doing this either. Either way, that platform being bedrock solves the problem, but I'd very much like to see it added automatically with each reset, in any way possible. (edit: because, obviously, this is why we can't have nice things)
  16. Just an FYI for the future, if you keep a cool head and remember to do it, you can actually type /home while falling in a situation like this.
  17. there is no logs for the resource world as i understand, if you die by falling you lose all items, i think the more annoying part when losing all items is when its out of your control. its happened now and there is no way of regaining all tools/armor without grinding, ill probably try grind em out at some point. just want to make sure this doesnt happen again.
  18. No, I'm afraid we can't automatically do it as of yet, normally an admin will have to jump into the world as it opens up and place down a bedrock platform right below the spawn point, I can't do it myself since I have no perms for interdimensional travel (multiverse :p). But did she die today? I don't quite understand how it happened, has there been nothing done there the last 3-4 days or what 😕 edit: Added a bedrock platform at /theend, for all I know whatever platform was there in the first place must have been taken out by a player allowing whoever walked through to fall to their death - but I'm surprised the portal/command would even let her in there if there was no safe spot, it's supposed to prevent that.
  19. Zili

    Picnic with a Book

    As many of you know I work irl as an English Language Arts high school teacher. Reading therefore is highly important not only to my career but it has personal importance to me as well. I've started a blog to document my daily reading adventures that will hopefully bring books to readers that they didn't know they wanted to read! Please follow the blog at http://www.picnicwithabook.home.blog and our Instagram page @picnicwithabook (http://www.instagram.com/picnicwithabook
  20. I'm not sure if we can automatically generate a platform with each reset, but once we are aware there needs to be one (as some maps don't need them) I know rock and some others on the staff have been able to go in and create them. Perhaps rock or one of the admins might have a better answer.
  21. I have some stuff too I can give her when I am on. It would be a drag.
  22. Hi All, Accio_Mc walked through the end portal in spawn and fell straight to her death, she is very annoyed as it was not her fault, i saw it happen as she is sitting next to me. she spent around 6-7k ember buying all the stuff required for good armour and tools. can you create a bedrock platform whenever a resource world is opened up to prevent this happening again, it appears when you walk through the portal you are barely on the block. ive decided to give her all my tools and armour as she is pretty annoyed.
  23. TuckerAmbr

    Emerald Caper?

    I like turdles.
  24. Zili

    Emerald Caper?

    I think they take it to secret hideaways and hoard it like dragons hoard gold.
  25. etsi_wahuhi

    Emerald Caper?

    I was just wondering what villagers do with all those emeralds they trade for....... Feel free to post what you think they do with them 😁 (Remember, family friendly server......keep it clean please.)
  26. Earlier
  27. So i have a couple of projects i want to work on, I have finished the storm trooper helmet, i need to get some ideas of what to build on the interior of the storm trooper helmet, a theme or suggestions would be highly appreciated.OfLegends suggested building a vader helm nearby which im going to look into, however im wary that the stormtrooper helmet took like 80-100 stacks of quartz and a black build will be so hard to gather resources for until 1.14 wither roses come into game. I have been a massive fan of lotr, star wars, final fantasy for a longtime but ive always thought about building a pokemon as i grew up with the first 3 generations, im about to start building a 3d vulpix however i need alot of materials. Currently Buying Normal Terracotta and Orange Terracotta at shop 14 its located at /shops turn left im thinking of using orange terracotta for the body and red terracotta for the hair, brown terracotta for paws, i have seen multiple different variations but not sure what colours to go for.
  28. Updates for 3/5/19 Updated Warps, /back and server warps for 1.13 block support! - No more suffocating to your death inside them blocks wooo!
  29. VeritasLuxMea

    Towny Suggestions (Combined threads)

    A new GUI has been implemented (No new plugin needed - HA!) which can be accessed through the /help GUI - Towny or /townygui. If you have any suggestions on adding to this GUI let us know!
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