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    You could set up a test course to gauge the horse speed, redstone can time them in some way. It's not as fool proof as the mod/plugin though and requires you to actually test every single horse. 😕
  3. Dewiack


    Ok i will post again on this as more of a refresher, Due to the way client side mods now work alot of the past HUD dev's are not willing to remake their huds for 1.3+. The only way i have seen to actually get acurate information about horses is via this server sided kind of mod. Now due to trying to run the races as fair as we can with having speed limits on races etc to give everyone a chance. I would personally like to see a server side mod added if it was at all posible. I also know i am not the only person as current who want's this to be a thing due to client side mods no longer working for this type of application. With knowing this information, Without a fair way to actually run the race's we will be unable to do event's. Unless either a client side mod becomes available or something added server side we will just not bother to try to re-juvinate the racing aspect in cedar. The whole point of us doing the racing in previous map's was not for any peronal gain, Infact over the lifetime of us doing the events we did on map 4 we threw away over 1.3million in prize funding along with items and free housing / stables for people who wished. The aim for doing the races was to give people a reason to login and take part in an event if it be monthly or by-monthly. Hopfully we will see something soon that will be able to help make this possible again
  4. Last week
  5. What kind of trickery is this!! Hi all, i was remembering memories...
  6. Yeah I've also been thinking it'll be Sansa on "the throne", but she will prob rule from the north. I think Tyrion will live, and Jon will kill Daenerys.
  7. In addition to the Ember prizes above, 1st place gets VIP+ and runner up gets VIP for themselves or a friend for a month!
  8. Hey All, I am 100 hunter, some people have been messaging me to pickup spawners when im on, im more than happy to come pick up spawners if im online or message me on discord and ill try to get on. Im spending alot of my time playing on my own doing redstone stuff which doesnt work on spigot so i am not as active on CC. i am accessible via discord though! 😄 Have Fun all!
  9. Here is my guess for the finale. Not a spoiler since I have no idea what is actually gonna happen. Daenerys kills Tyrion. Daenerys kills Jon. Arya kills Daenerys. Sansa takes the throne. Total guesses. How does everyone else think it will end and who will end up on the throne? I've enjoyed the show and I'm not afraid to say it. I will preface that I do like fantasy and science fiction too. I didn't start watching until season 7 and binged the first 6 seasons on DVD. To be honest I got stuck on it when Eddard Stark, the father, was beheaded. I thought it was so shocking that would happen. Since then it has been roller coaster ride to me. And it is one of the most popular shows ever so I'm not alone. I can't even imagine how much money HBO has made on it. That being said I see tons of detractors of the show. It seems to garner both intense loyalty and also intense dislike. I find at work I have to be cautious who I let know I watch it. I guess I don't overthink it or care to pick it apart and instead just enjoy the ride.
  10. Come one, come, all. Thank you all for.supporting A Bomb In A Bull Enchantments. Is a painful and time consuming task Grinding, Smithing and Enchanting though is something I have always loved to do to supply tools most prize so highly. I continue to restock the store with many different variations of enchanted tools. Now I am past LVL 25 Blacksmith I have added Chainmail Armour to the store. Remember if you would like a specific customised tool or armour /mail send GeoStar13 your requirements. Thanks again. Geo
  11. Earlier
  12. Not sure how GOT ending is gonna be with 2 episodes left....
  13. Same for me too (I'm just too lazy to make a post), good luck on your exams👍
  14. Thanks for letting us know, and good luck with the exams!
  15. I have some very important exams for the next month and a half so I won't be online, also my shop won't be updated with new items if stuff sells out.
  16. Players voted for this month's theme to be Atlantis. You are not required to build underwater for this event you are to create something that might have been a part of the mythical underwater kingdom of Atlantis. At the end of the comp, I will "drown" the arena so that we may see what these builds look like both in the water and out of the water for judging purposes...hopefully, I will be able to record the builds on video. Plots are already being given out just send me a mail in the game: /mail send zilithzan I would like a plot for the build comp, please Once you send me a mail for a plot I will assign you a plot remind you to use the server-wide warp "buildcomp" and will include your plot number so that you can start building right away! Because, we are already a week into the month this will run through the first week of June (this also works out for me so that I can decompress after teaching as work ends May 31st). I am short on funds at the moment so for now, the following prize amounts will stand (unless players wish to donate for the comp, and if you do I would appreciate your dedication to the server's events deeply)! 1st Place: 800 ember 2nd Place: 400 ember 3rd Place: 200 ember Remember that all placing winners (1st through 3rd) will also receive a box full of items. I've hand-selected prizes that I think the players will enjoy! The competition will end on June 6th giving me 2 days to judge and reset before the next comp. I did not have time to create an example build like I have done in the past since we are already a week into the month so instead I have found some inspirational images of other Minecraft Atlantis theme builds. Keep in mind our plots are not enough space to include everything you see in the following inspiration pictures, so you may wish to focus on one aspect like a castle, a market, a farm, a home, etc.
  17. Atlantis theme has won! Tonight I will set up the comp arena once again. Please /mail me in game if you would like a plot.
  18. Yeah.. apologies for the 4 year "delay".... 😣 But, better late than never! In my defense missa, I was already working on it before, but hit a few bumps in the road with map corruption; I was getting there. 😛 In addition to more features to map 4, the map 3 render is broken for at least two of us (and so probably everyone) - it renders the right half but not the left half. Something to look into maybe...
  19. I wouldn't participate but I would watch it.
  20. I mean if we're being honest here I kinda feel like I wasted my time on the series entirely, lol.
  21. Copious amounts of Beat Saber... despite my body making it very clear that I'm not fit enough for it :P Doesn't stop me from being on the global leaderboards though!
  22. That's too bad. I'm sorry to hear it. But you do generally like the show?
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