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Server Rules

Last Updated: 19/SEPT/2017

Please make sure that you read our rules fully and abide by them at all times.
  • No Griefing:
    • Griefing is the act of destroying or modifying the creations of others without permission
    • Griefers will get an instant permanent ban with no means of getting back onto the server
    • No killing of a livestock, pets, or named mobs on display.
  • Be Respectful to Other Players and Staff:
    • Trolling/Racism/Discrimination is not acceptable and will result in a ban
    • Keep in mind many of our players are young, so please play and act accordingly
    • Profanity and curse words, even if filtered are not allowed; use of these words are punishable
    • No malicious bankrupting of other players Ember accounts
    • Overuse of Caps-Lock will not be tolerated
    • No open talk about drugs of any kind in global or public chat on TS, forums & server. Multiple infractions WILL result in a ban
    • No death traps of any kind.
    • No harassment of any form is allowed here and will result in a ban. This includes both in game and here on the website.
  • No Hacking, Modding or Exploiting:
    • Hacks such as XRay, flymod, speedhack etc. are strictly forbidden as they give you an unfair advantage
    • Use them and you will be permanently banned from the server
    • Macro and other mods that allow your character to continuously mine without any user input are strictly forbidden
    • Macro, other mods or AFK machines that allow you to avoid the ten minute AFK boot system are also strictly forbidden
    • Exploiting bugs in the game such as dupe bugs are strictly prohibited and you will find yourself with a permanent ban
    • Using a damage value changer will cause you to find yourself with a perm ban
    • Using of obsidian generator is not allowed
    • Iron golem farms are not allowed
    • Large lag-causing farm animal pens will be reduced to reasonable numbers
    • use of "pillar fishing" technique is not allowed as it is a exploit
    • Any use of an exploit to gain access to the nether roof
  • No Building Pointless or Offensive Structures:
    • No very tall buildings that look unnatural, 1x1 towers, 1x1 tunnels
    • No floating structures without permission from staff unless structure is built over water. http://cedarcraft.or...tructure-rules/
    • Offensive structures such as swastikas will result in a ban
    • Keep builds roughly 50 blocks away from other players' structures unless permission is given by other player and roughly 100 blocks away from towns. Builds too close to their neighbours will be given 7 days to relocate before the build is moved for them.
    • If you are AFK for 90 days your builds may be removed to clear space for other players.
  • Respect the Environment:
    • Aim to keep the server as natural as possible. This includes no landscape excavating or mass griefing. Excavation is only allowable if it is to flatten land for building.
    • No floating trees, all trees are to be cut down fully and replanted.
    • No Sand farms, Sand farming is the extensive collection of sand from beaches leaving empty land, collect sand reasonably or purchase it
    • No wither pets as they create lag for other players
  • No Stealing:
    • Do not take items that do not belong to you. This includes chests and if someone's items are lying on the floor from their death
  • No Automatic Farming:
    • Fully automatic farms are not allowed on the server for latency reasons. This includes:
      • Farms that harvest automatically without you needing to be there
      • Gold farms using nether portals
      • Anything else that doesn't require your direct interaction
    • Automatic chicken farms using hoppers to catch eggs are an exception to this rule and are permitted. Please limit 20 chickens per chunk.
    • Semi-automatic farms are permitted. For example:
      • A button that makes pistons push the bottom layer of a sugar cane
    • This is to protect the server and your clients from lag spikes. If you are unsure if your farm would be automatic or semi-automatic, please make sure to ask a mod first.
  • No Spawning:
    • Do Not ask for items to be spawned. All items are to be collected naturally or purchased. Items will not be spawned for you for any reason
  • English Only in Main Chat:
    • We ask you politely to please speak English in our server or otherwise communicate through private conversations via /tell [player name]
    • Refusal to speak English will result in you being muted from the chat
  • Do Not Ask for Promotion:
    • Promotions to staff are made on an invitation-only basis to those members who have displayed excellent dedication and positive contribution to the community
    • Asking for promotion will almost certainly ruin any chances of you getting promoted in the future
  • No harming other players:
    • You must not harm other players in any way when not in a PvP arena.
    • This includes using potions that create a negative effect on players.
  • No Advertising:
    • Server traffic is very important to us and advertising will get you a fast, permanent ban
    • This includes telling people to contact you outside of the game with the principal reason of giving them an alternative IP: In either case you would be intentionally trying to move players from our community to another
  • No Abuse of Mob Spawners:
    • Mob spawners are allowed but using alt account to idle in front of them will not be tolerated and will result in the alt being temp banned. On multiple offences perm banned.
    • Dark room spawners are not allowed. This is a mob spawner that doesn't use a dungeon spawner. This rule applies in the Overworld, Nether and End.
    • Large flat platforms that are used to grind Endermen in the end are not to be used at all.
  • TeamSpeak Voice Server Rules
    • CedarCraft players are permitted to enjoy other games with other members from the community on the CedarCraft TS channel. One exception to this is any other Minecraft server.
    • Non-CedarCraft players are not permitted to use our TS service whatsoever
    • Your TS name must be the same as your Minecraft IGN
By entering into the CedarCraft Forums, CedarCraft Server and CedarCraft TeamSpeak you fully accept all terms and conditions of the rules shown here and understand that appropriate action will be taken upon breaking them.

If you are banned you may appeal only in the appropriate forum. Do not post appeals in the shoutbox or send staff emails, they will be ignored. Alternate accounts to get around a ban will result in getting the alternate account banned and the user may get their IP banned from the server.

These rules are a thorough but by no means an exhaustive list. CedarCraft administrators reserve the right to ban players who present a harm to the server and/or community without warning outside of the rules as written above. The above rules are subject to change at any time without warning with immediate effect.

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