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Running CedarCraft is very expensive, and our server depends on your donations to stay online. Contributions from players are needed and greatly appreciated, helping us to cover the costs of the server, allowing us to continue to supply a fantasic Minecraft experience for everyone.

As a thank you for your donation you will receive a VIP membership along with many in-game perks.

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Teamspeak is a group voice client, similar to Skype. Chat with members of CedarCraft, including staff who are usually online to help with anything that you may need. Download Teamspeak and then join us on ts.cedarcraft.org.

Welcome to CedarCraft

Jan 14 2012 04:28 PM | JohnSF93 in Server Information

CedarCraft has the strongest and friendliest community on Minecraft backed by the most dedicated team of administrators, moderators and developers possible.

We run many plugins to ensure that your time spent on our server is time very well spent and we are constantly listening to member feedback on our forums about how to improve, evolving together with our player-base. Even with these plugins we strive to maintain the vanilla survival aspect of Minecraft, not taking you away from the reason you bought the game in the first place!

Custom-made plugins provide a unique experience at CedarCraft compared to anything you'll find elsewhere and there are countless mini-games and competitions that you can partake in to win in-game prizes, including spleef arenas, Mob arenas, PvP arenas, The Walls, The Hunger Games and many, many more custom events. We run the RPG plugin mcMMO and are constantly assessing progress to ensure that it is balanced and fair, again making the game a lot more rewarding for you.

With a strong economy running, you can buy and sell from stalls in spawn, both admin and player-rented shops, you can auction items and even buy lottery tickets to be in for a chance of winning the jackpot! Logblock and Worldguard protect your structures from being griefed and other plugins prevent players from cheating, making the game as fair as possible.

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Aug 24 2015 10:50 PM | Damo in Articles

I'm pleased to announce that we have a new plugin which should help with those tricky storage-room issues, Barrels!

No longer will you need stacks of chests up to the ceiling to store you cobble, dirt, stone and other bulk goods, you can now store them by the barrel-load ;).

A barrel is a single item type bulk storage solution as you may have seen on modded servers. It's simple left/right click interface allows you to do the following operations:
  • Use (right click) :- Place the item you're holding into the barrel. This must be of the same type of item that is in the barrel or the barrel must be empty.
  • Use (right click), while sneaking (shifting) :- Place all of the item which is in your hand/barrel into the barrel.
  • Punch (left lick) :- Take a stack out of the barrel.
  • Punch (left click), while sneaking (shifting) :- Take a single item out of the barrel.
But what about protection? Can other players steal my items?
No they can't, barrels have their own simplistic protection system. As with chests barrels are locked by default to the player that places them. They can then be unlocked via:

/barrel unlock

And re-locked via:

/barrel lock

Barrels have three tiers:
  • Iron (64 stacks)
  • Gold (1024 stacks)
  • Diamond (4096 stacks)
The crafting recipe allows the use of any log so you can chose that which best matches your build and are:

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

While as much testing as possible has been on this plugin it is new and therefore we suggest you don't store anything very valuable in it. To that end there are a number of items which have been blocked from being stored which include iron, gold, diamond and emerald items (ore, ingots, armor etc).

Please do report any issues you have with this plugin and we'll fix them ASAP!

Below is an example of what a barrel looks like:
Posted Image

Kind regards
CedarCraft Development Team

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Here's to the future!

Aug 11 2015 07:16 PM | Airglow26 in Articles

We have news! Thats right the clock is counting down to the final days of map 4, we will be resetting the map on:

Friday 21st August 2015

That evening the server will be going offline for a few hours while we tinker away and get everything perfect for you all! Teamspeak will still be up for most of the evening and we'd love you to join us and get hyped for the reset!

Just to aid your excitement we have a trailer for you:

See you online!

Cedarcraft Staff

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