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Teamspeak Status

Teamspeak is a group voice client, similar to Skype. Chat with members of CedarCraft, including staff who are usually online to help with anything that you may need. Download Teamspeak and then join us on ts.cedarcraft.org.

Welcome to CedarCraft

Jan 14 2012 04:28 PM | JohnSF93 in Server Information

CedarCraft has the strongest and friendliest community on Minecraft backed by the most dedicated team of administrators, moderators and developers possible.

We run many plugins to ensure that your time spent on our server is time very well spent and we are constantly listening to member feedback on our forums about how to improve, evolving together with our player-base. Even with these plugins we strive to maintain the vanilla survival aspect of Minecraft, not taking you away from the reason you bought the game in the first place!

Custom-made plugins provide a unique experience at CedarCraft compared to anything you'll find elsewhere and there are countless mini-games and competitions that you can partake in to win in-game prizes, including spleef arenas, Mob arenas, PvP arenas, The Walls, The Hunger Games and many, many more custom events. We run the RPG plugin mcMMO and are constantly assessing progress to ensure that it is balanced and fair, again making the game a lot more rewarding for you.

With a strong economy running, you can buy and sell from stalls in spawn, both admin and player-rented shops, you can auction items and even buy lottery tickets to be in for a chance of winning the jackpot! Logblock and Worldguard protect your structures from being griefed and other plugins prevent players from cheating, making the game as fair as possible.

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All good things must come to an end

Apr 19 2017 09:39 PM | Airglow26 in Articles

Dear Cedarians,

It is my sad duty to announce that on the 19 May 2017 CedarCraft will be closing at 18:00 GMT... For a short period of time whilst we perform a map reset!

We will have a fresh new map up and running ready for you to play at the weekend!

Building transfers will open a couple of weeks from now, However be aware that we have decided that this year, we will only be transfering buildings which will be of use to the community or have high importance. In essence, we will be more critical than previous years.

As per usual the map will be available for download shortly after the 19th May 2017.

We hope to see you all soon

Kind Regards
CedarCraft Administration.

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March LeaderBoard

Apr 08 2017 08:01 PM | VeritasLuxMea in Articles

628 votes for March - Thank you to those continuing to vote, please encourage the others to vote! Down a little from last month but lets break that with over 800 this month! Lets keep it going! Please keep voting and encourage others to do the same.

Also, a huge thank you to the top 5 voters of the month - you all win Elytra!

LucarioOfAura with 113 votes

IppoIkki with 104 votes

etsi_wahuhi with 56 votes

tako_oni with 49 votes

tillisnut with 47 votes

You will find a chest with your name on it which is locked at you at /voteprize, please claim your reward when next online :).

Voting is up this month, so again thank you to those members that continue to vote and please encourage your CC friends to do the same. The votes help to keep CC up and running and helps out our player economy!

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